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are at what we love about that is. getting involved in this big conspiracy. story this is about six young men who. CIA I've got a leet naval officer and we. meet a prep school and obviously they go. down a million times I do a lot of spies. think about it is it's a brotherhood. another to help not only survive but to. but we're really interested in doing. more you know kind of elegant and. and the things that they'll do for one. a fast pace there's always something. rest of the story is classic romance in. help them find happiness because at the. scholarship boy turns into a spy for the. things happen you know there's there's. heart of it they really are brother yeah. things in Times Square that are you know. wealthy the elite the we've got a couple. of billionaires wonder our our. happening we talk about different yeah. fun intrigue the most important thing I. upper east side yeah they're a little. have the President of the United States. in later but playing a lot with that. exception mm-hmm um there-there the. in Manhattan we talk about different. bcfaf6891f

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